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Texas Next? NCAA to pull out of NC until 2023 over HB2

Texas Next? NCAA
Villanova beat the Tar Heels in a 2016 championship game originally scheduled for NC with a last second basket.

The NC legislature was put on notice that all NCAA championship games for the foreseeable future, possibly forever, are at risk of being moved out of state if HB2 is not fully repealed.

The latest reveal from the NCAA occurred after Scott Dupree, executive director Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance wrote a letter to the legislature warning them that they were at risk of losing the championship games and the venerated March Madness series as well.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Texas lawmakers will soon debate their own version of the bathroom ban. The Lone Star State is scheduled to host 11 NCAA and National Junior College Athletic Association events in the next two years, including the 2018 men’s basketball first- and second-round games in Dallas and a 2018 men’s football championship in Frisco.

So why is Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick dragging Texas into the same transphobic rabbit hole occupied by North Carolina? They think the same way.

Patrick echoed former NC gov Pat McCroy’s dismissive stance on discrimination pointing out as McCrory did how vibrant his state’s economy is. In his argument, Patrick told Fox 26 super bowl Sunday that the reason for the state’s success is the diversity of the people and the welcoming atmosphere.

NCAA Board of Governor press release protecting participants and spectators from discrimination at NCAA events.

Indeed those factors played a huge part in my relocation here 20 years ago but Dan Patrick is missing the most important fact. He is destroying the allure of Texas with SB 6 and stands to lose millions perhaps billions if the Texas Bathroom bill is passed.

Not to mention the personal toll Patrick’s divisive transphobic ponificatiing has taken on our state’s LGBT population.

Patrick says his bill is different than North Carolina because SB6 defines gender according to the birth certificate conveniently ignoring the fact that many transgender people can not amend their birth certificate due to state laws and or costs.

To be clear letter was not from the NCAA but an associate putting it’s authority somewhat in doubt.

The veracity of letter was established later in the day when the NCAA edited their site showing that North Carolina games locations were to be announced (TBA)

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