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Texas may try to pass anti-trans law on of all days, Sunday

Right wing bigots in the Texas legislature may try to attach an amendment to a bill in the House today targeting transgender people, primarily trans children.

There can be nothing more shameful than targeting innocent children for political gain. The Capitol is buzzing with word that a bathroom amendment targeting transgender schoolchildren will be added to SB 2078 on Sunday, May 21st. Send a message to your State Representative now and tell them to oppose any floor amendments to SB 2078 that would target transgender children.

A ground breaking study by the University of Washington shows that transgender children thrive when their family is accepting. But that can only happen when society, largely influenced by government allows this condition is exist.

Frank and Rachel’s child Libby attended the two transgender bathroom bill sessions staying up all night for an opportunity to speak.. But first they had to listen the haters who were invited by the sponsoring Senators.  One can only wonder how much damage has been done to these children already.

The opposite is true. The CDC shows that 25% of transgender youth have attempted suicide in school’s where bullying was overlooked. This is the Status quo that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and his murderous political cabal endeavor to maintain.

If you live in Texas you can tell your representatives to oppose these shameful attacks on transgender children clicking here.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. What a dirty low down thing to pull. From Dan Patrick down the chain I cant conclude anything else but that Texas government is infected with disease carrying parasites for politicians who have zero regard for anyone but themselves. Its seems to be wide spread throughout the republican party.


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