Texas House to Debate Anti LGBT HB 2899 Wednesday

HB 2899

HB 2899

The Texas Legislature is scheduled to debate House Bill 2899 Wednesday, a measure which would strip LGBT protective laws from cities and towns. The proposal to be heard in the State Affairs Committee is being billed as a more “palatable business-friendly” alternative to SB6.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the amended bill would ban cities, school districts and any other “political subdivisions” from passing local laws that protect certain people from discrimination in an intimate space. This would void existing local nondiscrimination ordinances that protect transgender people’s right to use bathrooms that match their gender identity.


While the NCAA and pro sports have given North Carolina a nod to discriminate, millions of citizens governmental representatives have reaffirmed that they are currently banned from traveling to the Tar Heel. It is totally beyond me why my state feels it is so crucial to discriminate against me. Anyone who thinks it ends with HB 2899 needs to wake up. There is no appeasing these hateful people. If given their way on this they will continue chipping away at our rights until we are all homeless, unemployable or just dead.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. It is the last thing said in this post they want.
    According to a well known LGBT agency whom I do periodic advocacy through in an email I received stating a remark President Trump said ( Trump wishes we would just drop dead)
    I would think it’s safe to say Texan republicans have the same stinking thinking. It is outragrous what we are all witnessing in America these days. That govermental hate of people who pay theyre salaries, who work for them, are turning around and stabbing us in the back over who we love, and for being honest about who we are.
    SB2899 is just nothing more than a deceptive way to enforce theyre hate. That’s all the republican party knows how do to.
    Theyre a mentally ill party of hate opinion my opinion.


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