Texas Gov Greg Abbott calls special session with a slate full of hate

greg abbott
Texas Gov Greg Abbott's solution to the transgender problem: outlaw medical treatment for for transgender children', split families and jail their parents for child abuse.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his lowlife minions are lock and loaded with poison bills aimed at defenseless transgender children. These bills will be effective as of the date that they are passed with 3/4 of votes from both houses or 91 days after the regular session ended.

Dallas News reports that Abbott intends to amoung other things: censor social media and make it a crime to not promote his political views, pass voter restrictions, ban teaching about systemic racism and how white people have benefited from it, and lastly, his veto of legislative funding which would deny pay to legislative staff who work for lawmakers who oppose his agenda in the legislature.

Of particular concern to the Transgender community:

SB 18 by Hall targets “Certain children”  by denying them medically approved gender-affirming treatments. If a healthcare provider or doctor is found to have given “certain Children” puberty blockers or hormones by a “medical board”, as set up by the state, they will have their medical license and their liability insurance revoked.

HB 90 requires all students to participate in interscholastic sports in the sex as indicated by their original birth certificate as issued ‘shortly after birth”. HB90 exempts females from participating in male sports teams.

HB 89 makes giving a child gender-affirming care of any kind “Child Abuse” and punishable as such under state law.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender