Texas college football player charged with the murder of a Tyler transgender woman

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Carlton Ray Champion Jr., 21, right, has been arrested for the murder transgender woman Nunee Underwood

Carlton Ray Champion Jr., 21, has been arrested for the murder of transgender woman Nunee Underwood, 24.

Champion, identified as a college football player by media isn’t listed on the local 2014 rosters.

Police aren’t investigating this as a hate crime after discovering that the two had been involved romantically for two weeks prior to the shooting.

Police say Underwood was shot while driving to meet Champion. The last texts between the two indicated a reluctant Underwood was lured into meeting Champion.

Transphobic media sources calling this ‘deceitful love’ aren’t doing Champion any favors as hate crime enhancements would add years to a sentence.

In that vein, it’s fair to stipulate that Champion, afraid for his reputation, set up the meeting as an ambush having prior knowledge of Underwood’s transgender status. That would qualify this as a hate crime.

Texas has sentenced more people to death than any other state. Only Oklahoma approaches this tally with the most per capita sentenced.

The memorial for Nunee Underwood held before Champion was apprehended illustrates the problem some Texas people have in understanding the proper usage of pronouns. *disclaimer, the author lives in Texas not far from Tyler.

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