SB 29
Mothers love their transgender children. It is what we do.

Transgender Advocates and allies protested Sunday in a bid to impress Texas lawmakers about the damage they are doing with SB 29, an anti-trans sports ban.

We formed a corridor or ‘gauntlet,’ for the lawmakers to pass through on Sunday. It’s critical that we stop these bills before they become law as they are all fascist-inspired. Think you are safe? History will repeat itself if everyone else stays quiet.


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Sadly we didn’t have the desired impact as SB29 / HB 4042 was put on the calendar to be voted on today or Tuesday. We would have been completely successful if not for one Democrat, Harold Dutton. Yes, that’s right, a Democrat.

In an act of retaliation against fellow Democrats, Dutton reintroduced and substituted the trans sports ban in an unannounced committee meeting and put it where it is now, at the verge of being made into law.

I managed to get one quick photo of Dutton as he quick timed past the gauntlet. Truly a despicable man.

There is no doubt the republican legislature will pass the anti-trans sports bill, as Gov. Abbott said he would sign it making it the republican and Dutton’s priority.

We need to let our country know that we are fighting it until our last breath is drawn. We were betrayed today, but I promise you victory will be ours. This travesty will not stand.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender