Texas Aggie’s Student Senate Approves LGBT Discrimination Cloaked in Christianity


SourceKBTX.com: “It was standing room only in the meeting room of the Texas A&M Student Senate Wednesday night as senators voted in favor of the “Religious Funding Exemption Bill,” a bill recommending to university leadership that students have the ability to opt out of mandatory student fees which are contrary to a student’s particular religious or moral views.”

“The vote total as announced at the meeting was 35-28 – an official count published by the Senate has yet to have been published.”

“The bill, which previously bore the name “The GLBT Funding Opt-Out Bill”, has taken heat from critics who say the bill is a blatant attempt to de-fund Texas A&M’s Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Resource Center.”

I was overwhelmed with sadness today thinking about this today. It is a shame people who call themselves Christians should spend so much time and energy making others foreigners to the lord. Welcome to Texas young minds.



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