Texas AG facing 99 years for fraud asks MS court to reconsider ban on LGBT discrimination

Ken Paxton
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AG Ken Paxton
Ken Paxton booking photo

TX AG Ken Paxton, while relentless in his religious crusade aginst LGBT people is facing renewed felony charges and 99 years in prison.

Oct 21, the Securities Exchange Commission(SEC) refiled fraud charges alleging that Paxton illegally received $100K in unreported income. The Dallas News reports that the charges thrown out by an Obama-appointed federal judge lacked evidence but were refiled by the SEC within the allotted time. The charges brought by the SEC might have been found more pertinence had they been filed correctly. Paxton is also facing state charges for similar reasons.

ABC 7 reports that unlike in federal court, Paxton hasn’t been able to convince a state court to dismiss the criminal charges against him. That includes the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which is the same Republican-dominated panel that earlier this year threw out felony abuse-of-power charges against former Gov. Rick Perry.

Paxton was indicted on two felony counts of securities fraud in July 2015, just six months after becoming attorney general, and would likely stand trial next year at the earliest.

It comes as no surprise that the Fed’s want justice or that it hasn’t affected Paxton’s vendetta against transgender medical care or his efforts to legalize persecution of trans people in public places.

The Washington Blade reports that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has urged a federal appeals court to reinstate a “religious freedom” law in Mississippi that would enable sweeping anti-LGBT discrimination.

TX AG Ken Paxton led a group of nine elected officials in filing a friend-of-the-court brief Wednesday urging the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse an order blocking Mississippi from enforcing House Bill 1523, a “religious freedom” measure signed into law by Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant.

If not for a preliminary injunction from U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves enjoining enforcement the law, the measure — in the name of “religious freedom” — would permit clerks to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples, provided someone else in their office can offer the service, and allow businesses and individuals to deny services to same-sex couples and transition-related medical care to transgender people.

The attorney general had previously filed lawsuits against regulations ensuring married same-sex couples have access to benefits under the Family & Medical Leave Act; guidance requiring schools to allow transgender students to use the restroom consistent with their gender identity; and a regulation under Obamacare ensuring transgender people have access to transition-related health care, including gender reassignment surgery.

Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick’s told the Dallas Area Chamber of Commence last October that his main 2017 priority is to advance HB2 like legislation. North Carolina’s HB2 wasn’t just about criminalizing trans people. It was also about limiting minority electoral rights, setting a mandatory unliveable state minimum wage removing the ability to sue employers and revoking local LGBT-inclusive human rights laws.

Lt Gov Dan Patrick first statement at the dinner was defensive as he acknowledged that we have existed without incident in the state without incident and that he wasn’t aware of a need for the law.

The Texas extremist right wing politicians will not rest until they can deny LGBT all rights guaranteed under the constitution. Best case scenario, Paxton go’s away for a long long time. But know this. That will make the haters hate us all the more the same as marriage equality has brought their wrath against trans people. They will remain a danger until they are voted out of office.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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