TERF’s and Focus on the Family Partner to attack Transgender Rights

In an alliance forged of mutual hate, the public policy partner of the anti-LGBT organization Focus on the Family has joined with a Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) group rebranded as “Wolf”.

This vile coalition pairs a group who’s stated goals is to criminalize homosexuality with a group comprised largely of lesbians in filing an amicus brief against Galvin Grimm.


From “Wolf’s ” web page

The publication “Christian Today” reports that the two groups have already submitted an amicus brief to challenge the (Obama administration) mandate, providing a detailed explanation why allowing males who self-identify as women to use women’s public restrooms and locker rooms poses a huge threat to women and girls.”

The absurdly and toxicity of this partnership forged in the depths of hell can’t be understated. The main anti-LGBT group which supports the rape of earth is partnered with a feminist organization, who’s roots are founded firmly in the country’s most radical ecological groups.

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