Tennessee property owners face jail over Transgender bathroom sign law

TN Bathroom Bill Sign
Rep Rudd amendment did away with the requirement that this sign be placed at front of public buildings. But a sign just like this must be placed on doorways to locker rooms and multi use restrooms. / Bridgestone Arena by Chait Goli from Pexels.

Rep. Rudd. the sponsor said, “I see nothing that could hurt business or the economy” when questioned as he introduced the amendment at the third reading. Rud admitted no one from his district contacted him asking for the bill someone years ago who suggested the idea to him. The only reason Rudd could give was to say it was a preemptive action to counter ‘executive orders’ presumably President Biden’s directions to the DOJ to identify states that are in violation of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Supreme court ruling that transgender people are protected by it.

Rudd said twice that he worked with the Tennessee business community that they had no objection to the sign.

When Gov Lee signed the Tn. Bathroom sign bill everyone presumed it would be transgender people who would suffer. They are right in one aspect. Violent attacks already on the rise will exponentially increase when Cis-people blame trans for this sign.

However, for the cis-community, there’s a price to pay for intentional indifference.

Tennesseans are now learning that businesses from mom-and-pop corner stores to corporate landowners will pay the price. The law written in Orwellian two face double-think doesn’t have the word “transgender” anywhere in it but its intention is clear.

Under HB 1182, property owners with multiple-use public accommodations that allow transgender people to use them “as a matter of formal or informal policy” that do not have this signposted or a policy in place or a policy excluding them, may be charged with a Class B misdemeanor with a punishment of six months in jail and a fine of $500 for noncompliance.

Businesses react to transgender bathroom sign law

Nashville DA Says He Won’t Enforce Bathroom Signage Law

Rudd didn’t mention the jail time but he has argued that he was telling the truth because he wasn’t asked. While the bill itself was silent about any penalty, it was inserted into a chapter of existing building code law that already penalizes a number of violations.

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