Taylor Swift’s ‘You need to Calm Down’ has people Fired Up

No one likes to be told to sit down, but I agree. We should all just calm down (and pass the equality act.}

You need to calm down

Some are upset at the protesters perceived lack of diversity

“Throwing shade doesn’t make you any less gay” an obv jab at closeted trans/homophobes. You know the ones. And well, tye r hating it. That doesn’t come as too big of a surprise. That’s basically all they got since having gay sex and murdering their partner afterward just ends up with them back in jail.

You need to Calm Down

But there’s far more who are loving it. 371,000 so far have signed Taylor Swift’s petition┬ásupporting the Equality Act.

What is surprising is that some of us are throwing shade as well. But they are in the minority as well.
45 MILLION have seen Taylor Swift’s new single in the past 5 days with 95K likes and a pathetic 1K dislikes.


You need to Calm Down

Some see this as a pride month money grab.


“It’s a Tayfecta of Swiftian contradiction, and if there’s one thing no one is feeling about it, it’s calm.”

“If there’s anything to say about “You Need to Calm Down,” it’s that the song is more evidence that Taylor Swift is extremely good at her job: being the pop star people deserve, if not the one they say they want. People claimed to despise Swift’s lack of politics, and now she is overtly political and they still hate it. People claimed to dislike her petty feuding, but then spent thousands of hours treating her lyrics, tweets, and Instagram photos like a scandal scavenger hunt. “You Need to Calm Down” continues to sate internet sleuths with its references to snakes (an obvious allusion to her beef with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian) and gowns (allegedly a nod to a dustup with Aretha Franklin). She even managed to iterate on a strategy that proved successful with “Look What You Made Me Do” and even “Shake It Off”: blaming the listener, placing the controversy at the feet of the “haters,” and accepting little culpability. No matter what you’re feeling about “You Need to Calm Down,” your hot take is still playing directly into Swift’s hands.”

“Given the circumstances, there is only one solution: Stop meme-ing Taylor Swift. Not because she’s scarily capable of manipulating the internet, not because her spotty feminism and allyship means she should be canceled, and certainly not because talking about her is boring. Do it because everyone’s energy can be better spent. Sometimes a pop song is just a pop song. If you disagree, maybe you need to calm down.”

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