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Transgender service

TransMilitary debuts at SXSW garnering the prestigious audience award

TransMilitary won the audience award Saturday in the Documentary Feature Competition category at SXSW in Austin Texas. The feature-length film, the first to be funded by GLAAD centered on the lives of four transgender service members who routinely risk their…

Trump signs memo banning transgender enlistments

Trump made it official Friday by signing a memo instructing the armed forces to stop accepting transgender enlistments. The orange draft dodger’s memo also instructed the services to stop paying for transgender surgeries but it isn’s clear if that includes…

Staff Sgt. Patricia King: First Out Trans Infantry Woman

Staff Sgt. Patricia King did as many of us have done by trying to lose ourselves in the masculinity of infantry. The difference, in this case, is 16-year veteran SSG King is still on active duty making her the very…

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