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TERF “Detrans” a dangerous and deadly ideology

The TERF practice of de-transitioning transgender women is a dangerous and potentially deadly ideology. It is often carried out without medically trained personal present in isolated locations the same as gay conversion ‘therapy’ used to be. Detransitioning is built on falsehoods…

“I Love JK Rowling” posters Taken Down and the TERFs are Pissed

Self-identified TERF Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, who runs a “Parody” twitter account under the name “Posie Parker” is pissed. She spent a lot of money to get “I Love J K Rowling” posters plastered all over the Scottish rail, where young impressionable…

TERFs protected by police lead Manchester Pride with Hate

Unbelievable. The same half dozen TERFs who hijacked Pride Parades in Britain last year did it again in 2019! And they did it with the Manchester Pride’s tacit approval and police escort. It’s like the Parade officials don’t really give…

Video: TERFs Hijack London Pride

TERFs hijacked then led London Pride today by lying down on the ground at the front of the march until officials gave in to their bullying allowing this hate group to lead the parade. Ten Terfs carried banners and flyers…

Maria Miller Shocked By Trans Report Hostility From Feminists

Maria Miller, former Culture Secretary and Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee spoke to The Independent on Sunday to discuss her shock at the negative response to the Trans Inquiry from a ‘minority of women purporting to be feminists’….

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