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Prop 1

Transgender Victory in Anchorage! Bathroom bill Prop 1 defeated!

On Friday Fair Anchorage declared victory as votes were tallied indicating a defeat of Prop 1, a measure which would have removed transgender protections as passed by the city council in 2015. The problematic vote on a minorities rights was put into…

A HERO Falls: Houston Texas Votes No on Proposition 1

“I feel disheartened and disappointed,” Trans-activist and creator of the #WeJustNeedToPee campaign said to PlanetTransgender about the defeat of Proposition 1 this morning, “but at the same time, more determined than ever. I do believe that justice will prevail, and…

Houston’s Non Discrimination Law Doesn’t Change A Thing says Police Chief

The anti prop 1 video in which a man follows a young girl into a bathroom has nothing to do with Houston’s non-discrimination ordinance (HERO) says Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland. HERO will be voted on November 3rd after a…

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