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prisoner rights

Texas prisons expand HRT option to newly transitioning inmates

The TDJC has announced that transgender inmates who begin transition behind bars will be afforded with the opportunity to receive hormones if they meet the stringent requirements. Previously transgender inmates were only given HRT if they could prove that they…

California to fight court order granting transgender inmate SRS

Michelle-Lael Norsworthy is newsworthy being only the second inmate ever granted a court ordered gender confirmation surgery. Michelle Kosilek was the first inmate to be granted court ordered SRS but that ruling was overturned. Why is SRS such a issue…

Court overrules : Trans prisoner Michelle Kosilek will not get taxpayer funded SRS

The news that convicted murderer transgender woman Michelle Kosilek would get taxpayer funded SRS sparked riotous debate both within and outside of our community. What do you think? Poll at the bottom of the page. The Boston Globe reports that…

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