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Ken Paxton

Sen. Angela Paxton Sponsors Bill to Decriminalize Felonies Husband TX AG Ken Paxton is being tried for.

  Sen. Angela Paxton files bill that would allow her husband, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, to issue exemptions from securities regulations By Emma Platoff, The Texas Tribune Feb. 16, 2019 In what state Sen. Angela Paxton describes as an…

TX AG Ken Paxton accepts dinner offer with Denton transgender child

Ken Paxton who’s political mission is to murder transgender children says he will meet with one of those students, eight-year-old MG and his mom for dinner. The olive branch was offered by momma bear Amber Briggle of Denton Texas who…

Ken Paxton I’m a Trans Texan and You’re killing Me

Has Ken Paxton Texas’s highest ranking law enforcement officer desperate for at least one incident to cite in court instructed officers to peek in restrooms? Texas AG Ken Paxton told the media that he’s leading the fight against transgender people…

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