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Jordan’s Parliament Passes a New Law Related to Transgender People

Finally, Jordan is making a change related to the trans people situation. In March 2018, the house of representatives was discussing a new medical liability...

My.Kali Magazine: The LGBTQIA Voice In The Arab World

I have written previously about the struggles we face as an Arab transgenders in our communities, then I wrote about the event that was...

Transsexuals in the Arab media – الترانسكشول في الاعلام العربي

الترانس ذلك الكائن المظلوم المضطهد طوال عمره, منذ لحظة ولادته وهو يعاني ويعاني ويتمنى فقط أن يكون كأي شخص طبيعي  يحيا حياة مستقيمة طبيعية مليئة بالحب...

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