Sydney LGBTI protest the “Townie” for allowing trans bashing

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Sydney LGBT protesters incensed over the beating of transwoman Stephanie McCarthy gather in front of Town Hall Hotel (Townie) in Newtown as police call for backup.

The protester’s stood up to police Monday angry at Townie staff for allegedly allowing men to beat up transgender woman Stephanie McCarthy Friday night. The Townie denied that they were culpable for the attack in a statement on Facebook.

Correction: Planet Transgender previously erroneously identified the Town Hall in Newtown, where the attack took place, as one of the venues hosting the transphobicly titled, ‘Trannie Bingo.” The venue that hosts ” Tranny Bingo” is the Town Hall Hotel, Balmain 6 kilometers distant.
It was a regrettable error, and an understandable one since both establishments are in Sydney. However, it is important to note that 6 kilometers is a scant distance for transphobia to be spread as ‘tranny’ is universally recognized as hate speech by assailants world-wide.

town hall tranny bingoThe Town Hall Hotel is one of four venues profiting from transgender slurs by hosting the event with the defamatory title “Tranny Bingo”. The Town Hall Hotel ownership which has a history of transphobic misogynistic behavior has refused to change the name of the bingo event to one which does not include a slur.

As reported yesterday on Planet Transgender Ms McCarthy base player for the Sydney band Love Maul arrived early for a gig Friday. When she was watching the bands she was repeatedly jostled by five inebriated men while they called her defamatory names. (Tranny anyone?)

McCarthy was subsequently beaten in full view of staff by two men one who took turns holding McCarthy’s head while the other punched her face.

The Townie bouncers were heard telling the assailants to ‘get out before the police come’  afterwards.  The attack which was called a ‘fair fight’ by a Town Hall Staff member who watched her getting beaten on a platform where musicians wait to perform.

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