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Swastikas desecrate U of T as Prof Jordan Peterson ramps up racist transphobia

Professor Jordan Peterson
Professor Jordan Peterson alleges he received a letter from the U of T demanding he stop speaking. Photo / Toronto Sun.

As we promised just a few days ago we are keeping current on the ongoing events at the U of T and the role that Professor Jordan Peterson is playing in it. Sad to say things have taken a turn for the worst as the professor ignores civility and rails against transgender and black communities.

There is a real need for our reporting as the extremist right wing media is framing his public attack on transgender rights and the resulting response an attack on freedom of speech. Jordan has invested much of his time trying to have us believe he’s being victimized for partaking in free speech. It’s a common right-wing ploy but one that Jordan is utilizing brilliantly by frequently positioning his ultra-rightest views as middle of the road. If Jordan were so progressive, then why would he exclusively retweet right wing media?

If there was a demand by the University Peterson has ignored it..

Jordan tweeted about an alleged retraction from a newspaper about an anti-semitic event but has made no mention of the swastikas being painted about campus…

..while attacking a local Black Liberation Collective which publicly supports trans rights and the right of all people to defend themselves against tyranny.

While what really bothered him was this…

Professor Jordan Peterson posted on twitter with a link to eBay encouraging students to deface posters they considered ‘politically correct’ (sic) black or trans positive. Still worst he encourages them to publicly identify ‘social justice warriors’ meaning transgender people and welcoming venues.


While only sold having sold 47……



Even as Peterson posits this as a harmless Pokemon game his intentions are all too transparent and it would follow that hate speech incites hate as 7 swastikas have been found painted on or near the University campus.

We couldn’t find any evidence that the University of Toronto was trying to silence Jordan as he would have us believe. But we did find press releases from the university advocating for free, responsible speech.

Free expression and equity go hand in hand, U of T says

“Universities are places where people can express opinions that are controversial and any member has the right to investigate and comment on challenging issues.”

Like all rights, the right to freedom of expression comes with responsibilities, Vice-President and Provost Cheryl Regehr said.

Vice-President of Human Resources & Equity Kelly Hannah-Moffat agreed, saying speech or acts that silence or demean individuals are gravely concerning and undermine the free exchange of ideas that lies at the heart of the University’s mission.

“The principles of human rights and free expression go hand in hand – and these principles are grounded in law and reflected in our policies,” Hannah-Moffat said.

Their comments come at a time when the topic of academic freedom has been hotly debated across the university. Professor Jordan Peterson has posted videos in which he expressed an intention not to use gender neutral pronouns if requested. Other professors responded, posting their own videos and blogs, speaking with reporters and writing letters.

Metro News reports that over 250 faculty members at the University of Toronto have signed a letter condemning hate speech and threats directed against black and trans students.

The letter is the latest in the saga of psychology professor Jordan Peterson, whose comments about transgender students have raised the ire of the university community.

Geography and planning professor Deborah Cowen is one of the professors who signed the letter. She said faculty have been trying to figure out a way to respond since the situation “erupted” earlier this fall.

Peterson has defended his comments as free speech, but in the wake of the controversy, several transgender and black students have reported receiving crude and violent messages on social media.

Cowen said some of her trans students have stopped attending classes out of a concern for safety.


Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. In response to Se.
    I fully support freedom of speech. That being said freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. It also doesn’t mean anyone is more entitled than another to speak or for that matter, live.
    Peterson says it’s a battle against governmental censorship while they try to force him to use ‘PC’ or politically correct language.
    Two points.
    First, why now in this specific instance is addressing others by a pronoun they prefer such a problem for Peterson that he would risk his tenure to fight it?
    Two. The use of “PC” seems to have become a catchphrase for people who feel the same about transgender rights, like North Carolina governor Pat McCrory.

  2. Freedom of speech has limits and doesn’t protect us from the consequences resulting from the things we say and any censure that an employer or the community may impose.

    As a trans person who falls into the binary, I don’t really understand those who are nonbinary. What I do understand is wanting to be called by my name, which is now my legal name, and being referred to as my now legal gender. Anyone who refuses to refer to anyone by their preferred name and pronouns, is in effect attempting to delegimize them, and it can be very dehumanizing. Cisgender people change their names and statuses all the time, it’d be relatively simple for them to give transgender people the same courtesy.

    I’m not surprised more hate speech is cropping up, when there’s a beacon of intolerance making U of T a bastion of consequence-free bigotry.

  3. I personally have spoken to some PhD students and university stuff, majority of them are on the professor’s side, but they are AFRAID to speak out because they will be called racist and xenophobe. It amazes me that in 2016 people are still afraid to be who they are and are afraid to express their opinion. What a regress in Canadian society! This is as amazing as it is sad and dangerous.


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