Surprise! Geena Rocero is January’s 2021 Playboy’s Calendar Playmate

    Geena Rocero
    SURPRISE! Geena Rocero is January's 2021 Playboy's Calendar Playmate
    Geena Rocero
    Geena Rocero (Aug 2019) January 2021 
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    Riley Ticotin (Jan 2020)
    Jordy Murray (Dec 2019)
    Anita Pathammavong (Mar 2020)
    Priscilla Huggins (Jul 2020)
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    Surprise! Out and proud trans woman Geena Rocero is Playboy’s 2021 January calendar Playmate. This was a surprise since Playboy could have featured (Geena Rocero Playmate Aug 2019) in any month.

    Who better than Geena Rocero to show that WE WON’T BE ERASED on President-elect Biden and Vice President Harris’s inauguration day?

    These were my very thoughts when I saw my friend’s moments scroll by when I opened Facebook this morning.


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    And it was a surprise when top model Geena Rocero came out as transgender back in 2014.

    As gorgeous as Geena Rocero is her beauty plays second fiddle to who she is.

    When fashion model Geena Rocero first saw a professionally shot photo of herself clad in a bikini, she was beside herself. “I thought…you have arrived!” she says proudly. This might not be the typical experience, but, as Rocero reveals, that’s because she was born with the gender assignment “boy.” In a moving and personal talk, Rocero finds that transgender activism is giving her a whole new sense of pride and purpose.

    This is indeed a new day, filled with advocacy, beauty, committed political presidential power, and hope.


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