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Scottish Gender Recognition Act
Scottish Gender Recognition Act
Scottish Transgender Alliance

“No evidence to support claims men are using trans identity for sexual violence,” said the Scottish government while submitting a draft to reform the Gender Recognition Act(GRA) this week.


“There is no evidence men identify as transgender to access female-only spaces to commit sexual violence, the Scottish government has said.”The Times UK

These words previously heard and historically proven in a multitude of ‘bathroom bill’ defeats stateside are again echoed in Scotland as the government seeks to significantly improve the Gender Recognition Act.

The proposed improvements include

  • a proposal to scrap the current requirement which requires Scottish trans people to apply for a corrected gender certificate to the UK Gender Recognition Panel. This is a costly time-consuming bureaucratic humiliating boondoggle. Instead, they would apply to the Registrar General for Scotland.
  • introducing a system of statutory declaration, whereby a trans person makes a formal legal declaration confirming that they are living in their acquired gender and intend to continue to do so for the rest of their life.
  • proposes to reduce the age at which people can apply for a gender recognition certificate from 18 to 16 to allow younger people to benefit from these reforms

The bill is straightforward and a law that would save lives. But there is a “small minority that has mastered the art of heckling over the heads of the majority” who will fight transgender acceptance of any sort to their dying breath.

TERFs AKA ‘gender critical’ extremists would have you believe that the concept of ‘gender’ kills lesbian youth and are fighting the GRA with every tool in their arsenal. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge gender diversity and mourn every man who lives authentically as a casualty of the ‘trans agenda’.

TERFs have strange bedfellows, men. Men who would gladly stick it to them.

The Heritage Foundation who when not submitting anti-LGBT bills for legislative minions to xerox publish articles promoting the LGB without the T agenda. As if they were fighting on behalf of these ‘feminist’ bigots.

So Scottish transgender people have powerful and vocal enemies right?. What can you do in small-town anywhere else?

The Scottish Transgender Alliance wants you to know No matter where you live you can help.

The Scottish Government wants to know what you think about their draft Bill to reform the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) 2004. The deadline for responding is 17 March 2020.

Please click here to write a letter in support of the GRA.

Transgender trials, tribulations, and victories are universal. Our road less traveled has no international boundaries. Tell the Scottish government that you support the GRA and if you can, include a personal note about yourself.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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