Sunday is Go Topless Day

Go topless day

Go Topless Day is trending and relevant to the transgender movement in this writer’s opinion. One of the first things misogynists take offense to are the changes or removal of the breast as we transition. The highly problematic “Estro maxx” skit showed this part of woman’s body truly befuddles cis people

So why Topless and why Sunday? Wouldn’t the fundies be outraged?

“GoTopless Day always falls at the Sunday closest to Women’s Equality Day, Aug 26. It is indeed on Aug 26, 1920 that women earned their right to vote on the basis of Gender Equality. In 1971, the US Congress has made Aug 26 into a nationally recognized date and named it “Women’s Equality Day”. The president of the United States is summoned to commemorate this date each year.” —

It is only logical that GoTopless Day protests (or celebrations depending on the legal status of your city) would fall around Women’s Equality Day since the right to go topless for women is based on gender equality as their right to vote once was.

The activist group FEMEN actions might have been unnoticed if not for their nakedness, showing how the breast is truly a powerful tool in advancing feminism, or is it? There’s one thing for certain, bare breasts are controversial.

“It’s been legal for women to go topless in Ontario for years. Turns out here it’s just a status thing, women very rarely actually go topless, that or I’m just mature enough not to care” commented one person on the video below.

Another said “See, men have been allowed to show their nipples since around the 1920s-1930s. I bet at first it was awkward for everyone to see guys topless too. I woman we’re allowed to go topless everywhere men are allowed to, it would be awkward for the first decade or so. But eventually, people would get used to it.”

The Go Topless Day website shows numerous events with links to facebook pages. The one from Austin in my state of Texas intrigues me.

the topless women who have been doing this event for years here in town will hold the a topless day event in Austin at the same place it has been held for the last 5 years downtown at noon Sunday. feel free to meet at noon at 6th and congress. we find it fun and empowering to walk down 6th street topless and down congress ave to the capitol topless.

I can only imagine how empowering, sexualized or possibly ignored that would feel given the plethora of anti-trans lawsuits and vitriolic anti-woman messaging originating from our state’s government this year. According to the website, it’s legal in Texas and what’s more, bound to become a media magnet.

But I hesitate.

Am I as a transwoman, excusing myself from participating using the rational going topless is counterintuitive to our agenda? That wouldn’t hold water for me since I’ve promoted the Femen actions to the extent that I have.

So do I have what it takes to stroll the Austin streets topless?

All of this begs the question, where do you stand on the Topless Day.Does going bare chested make you feel empowered or do you think it’s just a sexist ploy to see our breasts?

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