Study: No increase in “bathroom crime” in states with trans inclusive Laws

Kolkhorst KKK

Kolkhorst KKK

Right-wing Texas legislators promise to try again in 2019 to pass laws criminalizing transgender people found using public restrooms. And short of a blue tsunami, they will do just that with the retirement of House Speaker Joe Strauss.

“The only way that you fail is to not try,” said state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham on Friday during a gathering of the KKK (Kolkhorst killer of trans Kids). Kolkhorst was the author of SB6 attacking adults and SB3 which attacked transgender children.

The only way Kolkhorst can win is to stack the legislature with haters who ignore Texas citizens overwhelming opposition to her bathroom bill.

The bills Kolkhorst introduced in 2017 were vigorously opposed in both testimony and statements by the American Federation of Teachers, Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, the state’s largest police officers’ union, the Texas Municipal Police Association, the Texas convention & visitors bureau , the Texas Association of Business, mayors and legislators from all around Texas and thousands who testified at committee hearings against the different bathroom bills.

A study, published in the journal Sexual Research and Social Policy, released Wednesday by the Williams Institute, found no correlation between passage of trans inclusive laws and illegal acts in public bathrooms.

The study matched up comparable cities and towns in Massachusetts, some of which had non-discrimination laws that protected gender identity and others that did not. (The data was collected before the statewide law went into effect.) It then requested criminal incident reports related to assault, sex crimes, and voyeurism in public restrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms.

“This study finds that the passage of such laws is not related to the number or frequency of criminal incidents in these spaces,” the study writes.

The study found that the number of reports of privacy and safety violations were “exceedingly rare.”

It found that there was no difference in reported crimes in the year before and the year after a non-discrimination law was passed. There were actually fewer overall incidents in the cities and towns with clear non-discrimination laws than in the municipalities that did not have them.

Police Chiefs of major Texas cities bore witness against the proposed bathroom bills in 2017 verifying the results of the Williams Study with cold hard facts.


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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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