SDSU Students hold a “Shit In” to advocate for gender neutral Bathrooms

Have a squat. Gender Neutral or not?

shit in

San Diego State University Trans* Action and Advocacy Student Coalition “shit in.”

One of the biggest hurdles transgender people face, regardless of how you ‘pass’ involves the most basic of human functions, the need to defecate. Nevertheless, to many cisgender people, it’s top of their lists as to reason why we shouldn’t exist.

Some believe the answer lays in gender-neutral bathrooms. That usually entails a single stall facility effectively segregating the user from the general population.

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The San Diego State University Trans* Action and Advocacy Student Coalition held a shocking “Shit in” to point out the lack of safe bathrooms for gender non conforming people on campus.

“The point of this event is to raise awareness for trans* rights and transgender issues and we’re advocating for more gender-neutral bathrooms because oftentimes gender-specific bathrooms, which is the men’s and women’s bathrooms, are unsafe,” TAASC Force member A.T. Furuya told the Furuya said gender-neutral bathrooms give students the opportunity to go to the bathroom without fear of being “gender policed,” which is when other people in the bathroom tell them, “You don’t belong in here.”

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