Stephanie Byers positioned to become Kansas first transgender Legislator

Stephanie Byers
Stephanie Byers
Photo / Stephanie Byers for Kansas

On a positive note, retired high school band director Stephanie Byers has a very good chance of becoming the first transgender Kansas legislator. Byers a Democrat who ran unopposed in her primary is very well positioned to win as her district which is described as left-leaning.

Stephanie Byers came out to Her principal, Sherman Padgett, who then announced Byers’s transition at a staff meeting before the 2014 school year.

“He announced who I was and who I would be from now on, and the response was overwhelming from my colleagues,” The New York Times reports. “People that I have never spoken to in this building came up and wrapped their arms around me to tell me how much they care for me and love me and were proud of me. It was very, very affirming.”

This video, an hour in length, allows these transgender trailblazers the time necessary to speak about what matters to each and every one of us.


Of the 500,000 elected positions nationwide, only 39 are held by transgender, gender-non-conforming and Two-spirit people. Join Virginia Delegate Danica Roem joins in conversation with trans trailblazers Stephanie Byers, Sarah McBride, and Tyler Titus about advancing trans power and representation in their communities.

Of those only 21 are being contested by First Nation candidates according to Indian Country Today

Stephanie Byers, a native American is no stranger to discrimination.  She has been an outspoken opponent of the State’s proposed bathroom bills and for good reason.

She told the podcast Lesieur that she was inspired to oppose the bill by an experience she had as a child, when she was traveling to visit a Native American reservation on vacation with her father. Her family, who are from Oklahoma, belong to the Chickasaw Nation.

They stopped to use the restroom at a gas station, but the owner refused to let them after he found out they were Native American.

“I remember that,” she said. “I know what it feels like to have someone look at you, and because of who they see, say, ‘No, you can’t do this.’ ”

Stephanie Byers an AFL-CIO and Victory Fund Backed Candidate is asking for donations via Act Blue.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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