States to kick out Corporations, NCAA and forgo federal funding to keep anti trans laws

Warning: Obscene language and private parts inspections.

Anti Trans Bill
This mother was horified when a personal friend of the family authored a bill to stop her trans child's medication and put her in jail for child abuse. Can you tell which child is transgender?

The states who have passed laws that are in violation of the Civil rights act of 1964 have told The NCAA, 71 major corporations, and the Department of Justice that they don’t care what they think, targeting children with discrmination will remain their priority.

In Arkansas, the state passed a bill denying minority children healthcare despite being warned of the harm it would cause. A week later 4 children were admitted to the hospital in Little Rock for attempted suicide. The condition of those minors has not been revealed.

Despite this, Arkansas lawmakers are pushing more bills through the legislature that will require the state attorney general to prosecute parents, school staff, and doctors who don’t out gender diverse children to the state authorities.

The same thing is happening in Texas, Tennessee, Missippii, Montana, and Florida.

Under proposed Florida legislation, anyone could file a complaint if they suspect a competitor in a female sporting event was not born with a Vagina. That child would then have to prove she was born a “biological” girl. They could “prove their birth gender via a genetic test, a test of their testosterone levels, or an examination to see if they have a pussy or a dick.

We are talking about leading a first grader by the hand behind a curtain and demand to see their private parts. Are you fucking kidding me? If you did that to my kid you would see the business end of my Glock, I kid you not.

The Florida High School Athletic Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association both have policies allowing transgender athletes to compete in sports, and the NCAA said last week that it will pull championships from states that limit transgender participation. “Florida is set to host more than 40 regional or national NCAA championship events between the next academic year and May of 2026,” the Tampa Bay Times notes.

Florida’s nazis took the cue from POS45 who told them at the white nationalist convention to focus their hate on transgender kids.

This is a warning to parents across the nation. These laws vary in wording from state to state and don’t apply SPECIFICALLY to anyone’s kid.

Oh no, that would be discriminatory and the nazis don’t want that. However, they apply equally to any student who crosses into Florida, Missippi, South Dakota, Tennesse, Texas, or Montana.

Your kid included.

From the picture above Amber Briggle was horrified to learn a friend of the family Texas State Representative Lynn Stucky — who has met her family, knows her son by name, and crosses the room to shake max’s hand when we see him — SIGNED ON TO HB68 which labels my husband and I as child abusers if we provide our child the support he needs.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender