Star 105 Toledo takes down the sardonic “Don’t Call Me Cait” Billboard

Star 105 Toledo

Star 105 Toledo was forced by advertisers to cover the bill board mocking Caitlyn Jenner just days after it went up.

The contemptuous Star 105 Toledo image mocking Caitlyn Jenner was removed just days into a 30-day lease of the billboard, but not before reveling in the transphobia tweeting….

Star 105 Toledo

Star 105 Toledo maintains that they didn’t think anything was inappropriate with the ‘don’t call me Cait’ billboard but by god the religious radio station host knew it would offend transgender people.

But they weren’t ready for the heat the that roiled in not just from LGBT people, but from their paying advertisers as well.

Born again Christo-fascist disk jockey Denny Schaffer said his image featured in place of Jenners in the white dress was ‘tasteful’.

“….We did it tastefully we didn’t use any extra makeup there were a lot of things we could have done to mock her, but we didn’t do those things we did it tastefully…”

It’s so telling that Shaffer announced on the air that he thought that there were a lot of things that they could have done to mock her. That simply put, is an admission of the transphobic intent behind the billboard.

What are other things had they thought about to mock her with?

While the morning show bigot isn’t sure what will replace that billboard he’s pretty sure he’s had enough of the righteous LGBT wrath for the moment telling The Blade.

“Moving forward,” Schaffer said, “I would say we won’t go down the road in such a controversial manner.”

Nick Komives, executive director of Equality Toledo, considers the ad’s removal a significant victory.

“I commend all the people that spoke up and shared their thoughts about how offensive this billboard was and how well our community came together,” he said. “We worked together to get this offensive billboard taken down. It just shows the support for the transgender community.

“I would think that the swift response by the business community also says that we find this inappropriate,” he added.

Toledo Equality statement

Toledo Equality pulished this image and statement

Indeed. Every 29 hours a transgender person is murdered. Our global sitution is no laughing matter.

No apology only excuses and butthurt from the station. So did they learn anything? Time will only tell.

Star 105 Toledo

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