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Stafford Va Transgender Student Barred From Shelter During Lockdown Drill

Stafford Va Transgender

A Stafford Va transgender middle school student was refused shelter by teachers during a school mass shooting drill two weeks ago.

The student, who identifies as female, was in PE when the drill began but wasn’t allowed to shelter in the girl’s locker room, but instead was forced to sit in the bleachers by herself.

After much debate teachers told her to wait in the hallway, outside of the locker rooms, until the lockdown drill was over.

Stafford County schools had a policy allowing transgender students use of restrooms that corresponded to their gender expression but reversed that decision in 2015. According to fredericksburg.com during contentious board meetings, some compared the treatment of the transgender student to the nation’s separate but equal education policies during segregation, while others said that the board’s lack of acceptance has exposed the child to bullying.

If this had been an actual mass shooting event “Separate but Equal” would have been a death sentence for this transgender student.

Equality Stafford wrote on Facebook “During an event that prepares children to survive an attack by actual assailants, she was treated as if she was so much of a danger to peers that she was left exposed and vulnerable. These events occur across our country right now but this one happened here.”

“We need you. We need all of you to come out on October 9th at 6:30 pm to the Stafford County School Board Meeting at 31 Stafford Avenue (FaceBook Event) We need you to come and lend your voice to the growing cry. This is unacceptable, this cannot happen to one more child. Not one more in this county. Not ever again.”

Please bring yourselves, your friends, your colleagues and your voice to this school board meeting. We need you.

**ETA: It is important to highlight that the child’s PE teachers are not the bad guys. They are teachers without guidance in a county without guidance for these issues. They were following that they were told to do.

refused safe haven

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