Stacie Laughton the Trans woman who resigned? She’s Running To Replace Herself

Stacie Laughton, the trans woman who’s election I first proclaimed as equal in importance to Obama’s reelection (before she admitted to being a felon) has anounnced she is running in the special elections called to fill her seat, to replace herself.

She’s back. Maybe.

Laughton told the Nashua Telegraph “I haven’t spoken to anybody at the Secretary of State. I have talked to the AG’s office quite a bit and I don’t seem to get much of a response or a statement from them,” said Laughton of her decision to run in her own replacement race.

She also hadn’t heard any ruling on her eligibility to run as a convicted felon.

“I believe that I’m duly qualified and eligible the way the law is written because I’m in the suspended portion of my sentence,” Laughton said.

Fellow Democrats’ reaction to news that Laughton may run again has been mixed, she said.

“I’m confident that I still have a lot of support out there, but as far as with any election, we never can tell how the voters are going to lean,” Laughton said. “Politics can be an up and down game, and ultimately the voters are always right.” Nashua Telegraph

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