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Spokane Police kept employees from helping a beaten trans woman while she lay in her vomit and blood

Jacina Carla Scamahorn watches CCTV as the judge releases the two men,

The two men charged with the assault of trans woman Jacina Carla Scamahorn at Boots, a local bakery have been released without posting bail. Both plead innocent.

Flippen was booked for 2nd Degree Assault and Malicious Harassment while Fessler was booked for Malicious Harassment. Fessler is due back in court on February 18, 2015.

Flippen and Fessler started harassing Ms. Jacina outside of Boots after observing the skirt she was wearing. They then followed her inside and began punching and kicking her.

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Adam R. Flippen and Marc A. Fessler from CCTV the night of the attack

The two had been drinking next door at a bar according to witnesses.

According to  the Boots employee when the police arrived they intentionally misgendered Scamahorn, despite being corrected,  repeatedly calling her by male pronouns. has published an account of the court proceedings which reveal that the two men began beating her and threatened the barista when he tried to intervene.

Jacina Scamahorn wrote on Facebook:

“Police came as did emergency medical transportation. Unfortunately, both didn’t want to help because of my gender identity & expression. Really bad things were said concerning me and who I am as a person, or referring to my lack of being a human being. The server, attempted to stand up for me, but was shot down by the policemen’s remarks. His comments meant nothing to the men who chose not to see me as an individual that was hurt and in need of medical attention.”

Jacina is raising funds to help with medical costs on her Go Fund Me account.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. As a transwoman myself I identify with what Jacina went through.
    As a transwoman who knows Jacina I am stricken with some fear and worry. This happened to a friend in my city.

    As a member of Spokane TALL {Transgender Advocacy and Local Leadership} I am called to action to do something. To that end we put together the Go fund me campaign for her.

    The funds we raise for Jacina are but a low grade balm for her troubles. She will deal with the long term issues from her injuries long after her money is gone and society has forgotten her. She could use a lawyer who is willing to work pro bono so she can sue the men who assaulted her. They are business men. We must hold them to high standards if we are going to allow them to profit from society. She needs a society that does not judge her as unworthy of medical treatment because she is trans*.

    These issues will continue to plague society so long as we insist on perpetuating an attitude that fosters gender policing.
    Jacina is just one woman in a long litany of bashed transsexual women. The fact that she is homeless, transsexual and not yet passing are all intersections that seem to almost guarantee that she would be assaulted.

    We must end the transphobia that causes transsexual women to be targets of violence.

    Cynthia Lee Spokane TALL


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