South Dakota Trans people: Black Hills Fox News is gunning for you

Black Hills Fox News

South Dakota’s Transgender community rallied at the Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls Saturday in response to an anti-transgender sports bill that is advancing in the State Legislature.

Chanting Army Cadence rifts adapted to our agenda they sang confidently believing that TV networks would report on them fairly.

At contention is House Bill 1217 (Text) which requires proof of a student’s biological sex at birth. The request by virtually anyone might be for a certified statement from your parents, a birth certificate no older than one year following the day you were born, and/or a certified medical examination of your genitalia. The bill has a provision to disqualify students from participating in intermural sports if they refuse to provide that information as demanded in a timely manner.

HB 1217 was passed by the House on February 24th and is awaiting a hearing in the Senate State Affairs.

We know it would fail in court if passed and so do they. The real purpose of this legislation is to make you feel vulnerable, to diminish and erase you. It is meant to make you feel so bad that you feel suicidal.

Black Hills Fox News
This random image was shared on the Black Hills Fox News Facebook without a link. A meme to trigger the haters.

Today at 2 pm Fox News South Dakota shared this picture on their Facebook page naming a couple of recent bills. Fox News shared it even though it wasn’t from today’s protest. Fox News shared it like a meme without a link to trigger their viewers.


Many of the comments on the Fox News Facebook page are sickening. Memes of cars crashing into Target stores, photoshopped images misgendering President Biden’s cabinet pick Dr. Rachal Lavine.

I reported Fox News to Facebook who agreed that the post and comments are offensive. But according to Facebook the post and comments don’t specifically break the rules when I reported it, so there is little that they can do.

But there is something that I can do.


I am warning you that Black Hills Fox News is gunning for You.

In all of my years advocating against this same sort of thing in Texas, I have never once seen a TV outlet stoop to this vile level. IN TEXAS!

You can bet your bottom dollar that these same people are on a less visible social media platform right now saying far more hateful things.

Remember November 6th. We thought that we were all Americans.

Be aware but don’t be afraid. This our country and more now than ever Trans Rights Matter.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender