South Dakota flushes anti-transgender student bill for lack of support

South Dakota Anti Transgender Bill
South DakotaSouth Dakota’s anti-transgender bill was pulled Tuesday morning after no one, not even the sponsors, showed up in support of it at the last hearing.

High school student Jessie Lamphere was amongst the dozens who lined up to speak in opposition telling The Waco Trib “I just want them to know that transgender boys are boys, and transgender girls are girls, and that’s just who we are,” Lamphere said. “We all want privacy and safety in locker rooms, and we’re not in there to harm anyone. We’re just in there to get dressed and get out.”

The South Dakota hate group “Family Heritage Alliance” pulled their support because it didn’t include bathroom discriminatory language. This year’s bill, SB115 would have codified discrimination in school locker rooms, shower rooms, and changing facilities but did not include bathrooms, unlike the 2016 bill which was vetoed by Governor Dennis Daugaard

It could be assumed that this year’s bill which lacked bathroom discrimination was submitted as such in hopes that it would be supported by Daugaard.

The Waco Trib reports that the abrupt announcement that the South Dakota measure would be pulled was surprising to foes, who said they hoped the issue had been laid to rest.

Dale Bartscher made no mention of his failure to discriminate on the FHA blog but told the Waco Trib that the measure may live on as legislation next session, or at the ballot box, “but this issue is not going to go away.”

In Texas, Republican House Speaker Joe Straus has said a bathroom bill would be bad for business, even as GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick champions it. While the exact date for the Texas bill’s first reading hasn’t been announced it is suspected that it will happen on Thursday, February 9th, 2017. A Facebook event page shows that 160 people have committed to attend in opposition to SB6.

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