South Carolina Democrat Goes on Tucker Carlson to Defend Anti-Trans Bill

State Rep. Cezar McKnight
State Rep. Cezar McKnight / Tucker Carlson

State Rep. Cezar McKnight, D-Kingstree appeared on Tucker Carlson to defend his legislation that criminalizes trans-affirming healthcare because he was, in his words, tired of being “demonized by trolls on Twitter”

“Me and Tucker Carlson go together like chocolate ice cream and onions,” McKnight told the Post and Courier shortly before making his appearance. But “quite frankly, it’s an opportunity for people to hear what I have to say and how I say it and not allow myself to be demonized by trolls on Twitter.

Rep. Cezar McKnight the primary sponsor of HB 4047 would subject doctors, nurses, counselors, teachers, principals, administrative officials, and parents to 20 years in prison for as much as talking to a minor about gender-affirming transition.

Rep. Cezar McKnight gaslight lifesaving transgender healthcare in saying that he supported an LGBT expansive hate crime bill. It sounded almost threatening when he reminded his viewers that southern democrats are more conservative and that his district is primarily republicans.

McKnight didn’t have to remind us that during the civil war and reconstruction the republicans were blacks’ unwilling allies.

Southern blue dog democrats like him were the party of enslavers and KKK members.


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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender