TNN Broadcaster Sobia Khan takes on duties as Police trans advocate

Sobia Khan
Sobia Khan Broadcasting TNN Radio Show

Sobia Khan, Pakistan’s first reporter from the Sarah community to work for the Tribal News Network (TNN) was notified Tuesday that she has appointed to the Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police.

The women’s advocacy group Blue Veins shared the good news on the Trans Action PK Facebook page.

“We are very pleased to share that Vice President of Blue Veins, social activist and first Transgender Journalist from KP Sobia Khan was notified she is now a member of the Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) by the Peahwar Police.

Sobia Khan will be tasked with receiving complaints from transgender people who live in Peshawar and the surrounding areas.  She said that it’s not just a position, but a ray of hope for transgender persons for the resolution of their problems.

Khan wrote announcing her appointment “I appeal to all the Khwaja Sarah community to contact me regarding their problems or conflicts, I Keeping my full honesty and merit, I will try my best to solve the conflicts and problems of all the colleagues with Often Wathafim in which police officers will stand by our side.

Qamar Naseem with the nonprofit Blue Veins id that he appreciated the KP Police for encouraging a transgender person to hold an important position of responsibility. He says Sobia Khan is a role model for other transgender persons in KP, who can make their mark with hard work and commitment by following the footprints of Sobia.

Qamar says there are about 40,000 transgender persons in KP. He says Sobia has proven that transgender persons can perform responsible jobs other than dancing if they get proper opportunities. He says it is unfortunate that some transgender persons face difficulties in getting jobs even after getting an education. He says the discriminatory attitude towards transgender persons must come to an end.

Violence committed against transgender persons

Qamar Naseem says as many as 83 transgender persons have been killed in KP since 2015, but no culprit has got the death sentence, life imprisonment, or any other major sentence.

Qamar says although the accused in many cases suspects are arrested, however authorities don’t prosecute allowing the culprit to escape major punishment. He says transgender people often also don’t pursue murder cases which allows suspects to walk away Scott free.

He says transgender persons remain quite active until the filing of the FIR, but then don’t follow up the cases as they have difficulties in hiring lawyers.

Sobia Khan was elected culture secretary of the KP Broadcasters association last year while attending the organization’s first-ever 200 person forum.

Khan is now the second transgender person to be appointed police advocates for their communities. Reem Sharif opened the first transgender help desk at the Rawalpindi police station in 2020. With her help, transgender victims have a person they know and trust and pursue justice without fear.

We congratulate Sobia Khan, With her help, the system will provide justice to Pakistan’s transgender community,

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender