Malaysian Attorney Siti kassim sues after Jawi invasion of Transgender dinner

siti kassim
Siti Kassim
Siti Kassim

Siti kassim flips off those who wouldn’t let her speak at a discussion of the proposed Shariah Bill. The hecklers said afterwards that they objected to the Muslim woman’s attire. kassim responded saying had she known that she would have ‘dressed to the nines.’

Siti kassim was one of two kidnapped by islamists during a dinner she was attending benefiting the country’s transgender community. During the invasion of the private event she could be seen in a video of the raid demanding the names of the arresting officers.

There police refused to give her their names and no warrant was produced. The raid was conducted by “Jawi” a ‘shadow’ ultra conservative religious collective who’s mission is to supplant the malaysian legal system with an extremist anti LGBT Arabic interpretation of Sharia law and culture.

Lawyer Siti Kassim has filed a suit to compel the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) to furnish her with names of the officers involved in a raid at a transgender event seven months ago.

According to The Star, Siti Kassim, named the department as the defendant in her originating summons filed via Messrs Mark Law Chambers on Oct 20.

She is seeking an order for Jawi to provide the full name, designation and identification staff number and documents of the enforcement officer and arresting officer who carried out the raid and arrested her at Renaissance Hotel in Jalan Sultan Ismail here on Apr 3.

She also wants Jawi to provide documents, copies of police reports made against her, warrant of arrest or any warrants which gave the defendant the power to conduct the raid and detained her at the hotel.

She said the information and documents were relevant to identify parties to enable her raise issues which would be used in her claim, and during the proceedings.

The video of the invasion, produced by the Jawi, was meant to be a propaganda tool but had the unintended effect of exposing the horrific illegal nature of the raid. Transgender advocates and allied shared the video in which you can only suppose the Jawi felt the simple act of disagreement by a woman could be evidence of wrongdoing.

A video and news of Siti kassim flipping the bird to rude hecklers at a recent forum about PAS’ Shariah Bill has has earned this defender of the underdog icon status.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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