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Silverton gender rebel Stu Rasmussen leaves office. A look back.

stu a epic win

Stu Rasmussen had already been in office for twenty years in 2008 when he was elected mayor of Silverton Oregon. At first glance it seemed a clear cut transgender victory, since he was elected after physically transitioning to female. That alone would have made news but the clincher was Stu identifies as a cisgender male.

That revelation was a lot to grasp, even for the transgender community of the day. Who was this mayor who was having ‘more fun than a drunken cowboy’?

Turns out Stu  held office for so long because he’s politically conservative, maybe a little more so than the city’s council!

Colton Totland, Silverton Appeal Tribune reports  on Stu’s leaving office…..

“Yet while Rasmussen’s decision to acquire breast implants serves as an emblem of progressive social values, his values for the Silverton community and the city’s fiscal policy lie on the opposite side of the political spectrum. That conservative — at times even regressive — approach to life in Silverton could put him at odds with the council.”

You sure can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

November of 2008 the Westboro Baptist Church threatened to display their hate in Silverton. One towns woman said ‘who cares if he has boobs’

Citizens lined the streets, out numbering the three WBC members in support of Stu.

Then in 2012 Stu won mayoral election for the fifth time . It was always about the town for Stu. Great job.

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