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Sidelined by #WithTheT at Pride TERFs are condemned for sick attack on trans kids

London Pride Parade led #StandWithTheT and London Mayor /Photo Via Twitter Content King ♈ @LoisShearing

Last year anti-transgender protesters took front and center at pride parades across the world. Uninvited and unregistered these TERFs confounded parade officials with a blitzkrieg of transphobic banners.

TERFs Hijack then led London Pride
The 2018 London Pride Parade was hijacked by a particularly vile contingent of TERFs

Refusing to yield the lead spot in many parades they hijacked our celebration of diversity throwing many into a downward spiral of confusion and despair.  This cabal was highly successful in that their coordinated attacks most notably in London allowing them to spread their divisive message, ‘get the L out’ far and wide.

TERFs were, in essence, trying to gain enough leverage to make credible the implied threat that if transgender people remained in the community Lesbians would leave en masse. But ultimately that where they were bound to fail.

Bewildered people of good intention from all parts of the LGBT community regrouped and promised that this would never happen again. And as we can see transgender people marched at front of the London Pride Parade but they weren’t alone.

LGBT people marched today chanting keep the L with the T. Indeed.

The fabulous Mermaids were cheered and loved all day’

So where were the TERFs now that they weren’t allowed hijack Pride? Attacking gender diversity in children.

TERFs have failed to split the L and the T from the LGBT. They have also miserably failed in weaponizing the gender recognition act. It would be fair to say that TERFs have completely failed in all aspects but don’t sell them short. As long as there is a single transgender child in this world there will be a TERF trying to do her harm.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Thank goodness M-t-F trans people can find better female role models than these very self centred, soulless, arrogant TERF’s. Perhaps they don’t understand that there is a fundamental difference between being gay (ie. who you go to bed with) and trans (ie. who you are).


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