Raw Video: Shooting at Tel Aviv gay bar ha Simta 1 dead 10 wounded

ha Simta shooting
LGBT friendly bistro “ha Simta” shooting scene

CCTV just posted online purportedly shows patrons running inside as Gunmen opened fire at the “ha Simta” pub at 130 Dizengoff new years day killing two and wounding 10.

Speaking to the media, the owner of the bar a short time ago stated he is absolutely certain “this was a terror attack” but he did state the shooter did not shout anything but remained silent while firing.

Based on statements from numerous eyewitnesses, the shooter was calm and was smiling as he fired inside and outside the pub. It is now reported that the weapon used in the attack was a mini-Uzi and not a Kalashnikov AK 47 as was reported earlier. All sources are reporting that it appears increasingly likely that the shooting was a terror attack but police have yet to make a final determination.

The police are not calling it a terror attack or a hate crime as the killers are on the loose and their motives remain unknown.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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