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Seven Sisters Festival 2015 promotional video asks “are you (all of womankind) going to be Ok today?”

December 14th Amy Walker wrote about the Seven Sister’s Festival’s policy of excluding transgender women who haven’t had or opt not to have gender-affirming surgery. This came about after a cisgender-transgender couple asked to attend the Melbourne, Victoria, Australia festival. The Australian Broadcasting Corp. reports:

Kylee, who did not want her to use her full name as her partner Belle is in the early stages of transitioning, wrote to festival organisers last month to ask whether Belle would be welcome.

“We’ve been trying to become more involved in women’s circles so that she can feel more comfortable, but at the moment she’s retreated a bit from life, so I thought a really beautiful camping festival with all women would be a really safe place for her to feel accepted,” she said.

She said after messaging and emailing the organisers a number of times, she was told that her partner would not be welcome at the event.

Seven Sister Festival
The email via ABC

“Their basic response was ‘we only welcome trans women who are post-op, who have undergone all the procedures to become a woman, because having people onsite who are physically male, would break the trust of the attendees’,” she said.

“I got quite ragey over it, and I read it out to my partner and she just kind of sighed and went ‘yep, that sounds about right’.”

Kylee’s partner Belle said while she was not surprised by the festival’s response, it was disappointing.

“The [email] was talking about surgery – so only rich, well to do trans women who can afford the full gender re-assignment surgery which is upwards of $20,000 by the time you do everything are considered female?” she said.

Seven Sisters Festival deleted that facebook thread and responded publicly by saying that they would conduct a survey of members and determine what sort of transgender policy they would follow.

Just a few days later, much to our surprise and joy, the Festival posted this apology on Facebook..

seven sisters Festival

seven sisters festival

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