Seven apprehended for kidnapping and beating Khwaja Sara Sweety

Video that the kidnappers made while beating Khwaja Sara Sweety contains violence and profanity

Khwaja Sara Sweety
Trans Pakistan PK held a trans rights protest today,April, 7 to bring to light the recent kidnaping and beating of Khwaja Sara Sweety

These seven men abducted Khwaja Sara Sweety and posted a video they recorded of them beating her and cutting her beautiful hair. The man on the right it appears was very angry at a transgender woman who had refused his wishes in the past. So he and the others took their angst out on a random victim, Khwaja Sara Sweety, who by chance is also a dancer.

“Over the last 5 years, 1500 cases of violence against the transgender community have been reported in KPK out of which 70 succumbed to their injuries,” translator Khwaja Sara Dolphin said. “Till date, no culprit has been punished. The Transgender people you see today are protesting against the KPK government and Police as they believe it is their leniency which adds to the violence,” she said.

Khwaja Sara Sweety was lucky to escape with her life. The Trans Lives Matters TDoR project, the best resource we have to offer for the international day of remembrance, has recorded 46 of the 70 murders committed in Pakistan over the past five years. Of those recorded murders Khwaja Sara’ have died by being shot, burnt alive, gang-raped to death, throats slit, and by other means too horrible to mention.

Khwaja Sara Sweety
They cut her hair and bloodied, battered, and terrorized Khwaja Sara Sweety.

You could see the abject horror in Sweety’s eyes. She knew that these men were capable of. And she also knew that they would be freed after a few photos without any penalty. Do you see that same look in the criminal’s eyes? Of course, you don’t. If Pakistan’s government refuses to hold these men accountable that means they are no better than the criminals who stand beside them.

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