Belgrade company HAVAS taunts Serbian trans community with transphobic advert

Havas Adriatic


Havas Adriatic, a Serbian advertising company is running a blatantly transphobic campaign on Facebook purposely mocking transgender people. The image with a man in a dress has ”Da vas ovo ne dočeka” which means “So you wouldn’t come to see this” followed by “Tražimo office managera, CV sa fotografijom poslati na office@” which means ”We’re looking for an office manager. Send a cv with a photo to office@..”

VICTORY! Havas Adriatic has pulled their advertisement campaign from facebook. Of course, they are claiming that they were planning on doing that and unsurprisingly there might be a grain of truth to that.

Havas Adriatic

Havas Adriatic left a way out for themselves ealry on when they started to realize that they had screwed with a lioness, Ms.Sonja Sajzor. Many thanks to Sonja for all of her hard work and hope. We hope that the memory of this will be empowering to all Serbian transgender people. #TransLIvesMatter 

Read how this campaign unfolded…

Belgrade trans woman Sonja Sajzor contacted Planet Trans, about this writing “I was notified by some trans people that this company is using and advert featuring a man in transface with a headline ”We wouldn’t want this (it) to happen”.

Upon seeing it I was shocked and asked them in a comment to remove it. The ignored my comment, but a lot of other people commented back saying transphobic things, that we are not allowed to be offended, that it is indeed funny, and joking, saying that ”it” (referring to the person in the picture) looks better than them (the girls who posted comments) or their girlfriends (the male commenters).

I sent them a private message, asking for the same. The company keeps apologizing saying that they didn’t mean to offend anyone, but they do refuse to take it down because they think the ad is indeed very funny.

Dear Sonja,
We’re sorry that some people might be offended this way, it was absolutely not our intention.
This ad will stop existing soon, anyways, because we don’t want to offend anybody, and it seems to be happening.

So Sonja sent them a second message

I understand the ad was not created with that intention. This mistake could have been easily made by any person on the internet who doesn’t know public relations. But, ironically, you are a marketing company and you should have known better than this. But the thing that makes people angry is not only that you refuse to take it down, once you’ve been pointed at the problem, and not only do you not delete transphobic comments calling for ridiculing, you have been ”liking” them. Please, remove the photo right now.
No reply.

Reading the comments it becomes immediately clear that HAVAS is enjoying the reaction of the community as they continue to bait bigots, who of course reply in the crudest fashion. Not long ago our community was a ready victim for commercial entities such as this, impervious to any reaction we could muster.

But those days are long gone. Now when potential clients google HAVAS they will see this and wonder if HAVAS has their customers best interests at heart

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Dragojlo, you know nothing about transgender people or Planet Trans favorite man in a dress, Conchita Wurst.

    Comparing your advert or your CEO to Wurst is like comparing apples to oranges.

    And about that wonderfull hardware analogy, I have one for you.

    Judging a minoritys social mores when ignorance is the only tool is like approaching every plumbing problem with a pipe bender.

    If you’d like to learn about the difference between trans baiting for a cheap promotional trick, and who and what Conchita Wurst is all about click here for Planet Trans posts about Conchita.

    Another great read at Pink News.

  2. Kelli, we all know that you would like to be together with the person on the photo, but, sorry, it is only for us transphobic people…

    Oh yeah, you seem to easily judge things, very strange for the person fighting or “fighting” for human rights…

  3. This is all rubbish. I don’t see trans gender person in this ad. This is just some funny chubby guy with desperate look on his face, ready to do everything to finally get a job, even if it means pretending to be a stereotypical office manager. What’s wrong with you guys?

  4. The following comment was removed. Planet Transgender will not be used as an advertising tool.
    Planet Trans wishes Havas Adriatic CEO Maurice Levy a prosperous and transphobia free new year.


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