Seattle Chef John Howie gives heartfelt apology for supporting anti-trans petition

Chef John Howie

All too often we post about one bigot or another’s atrocious anti-social transphobic behavior sometimes proceeded with a trite, transparent face-saving ‘apology’. So it’s with great pleasure we present this truly evolved man, Seattle Seahawks stadium Chef John Howie.

Originally published Aug 24th the Seattle Times reported that Seahawks stadium chef John Howie donated $1,000 to the Washington anti-transgender bathroom group Just Want Privacy in May, and Howie says he also signed a petition opposing transgender bathrooms.

Howie says he’s opposed to transgender bathrooms due to concerns about who could gain access to them. “I think that there’s a chance that the law could be abused by somebody,” he says. “I think somebody who is not transgender, a sex offender, could abuse the law — somebody who is just out to put themselves into a women’s, or a boys’, bathroom, for that matter.

“I have grandchildren that are going to be affected by this law,” Howie continues. “Sex offenders scare the living daylights out of me. I think pedophiles can take advantage of this.”

Howie recounted to the Seattle publication Eater the situation that led to his signing of the petition in the first place, an echo of other people’s experiences in which the transphobic petition was apparently sold as a false bill of goods: “It was someone standing outside a game, I believe, holding up a sign saying ‘Keep men out of women’s bathrooms.’ Who’s not against that? It seemed so straightforward — it clearly wasn’t.” He said he wasn’t diligent enough to look deeply into everything Just Want Privacy was trying to accomplish.

Within hours of that article’s publication Chef John Howie was deluged with responses but evidently not of the negative type. Thankfully the people who reached out to him did it in such a way as to open his heart and enlighten him in a loving and compassionate way. I am thankful for this as we now have an opportunity to meet this truly incredible man.

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