Scammer using Chimp mauling photo to trick trans community for crowd funding

Undated file photo show chimpanzee attack victim Charla Nash after the attack/ Photo NY Daily News and Stamford Advocate. This is the photo used by Ronald Harrison to defraud victims.

This day and age transgender people have become quite visible. Images of injured trans people are seen frequently on the news and web some immediately after attacks. This is often done to help catch the assailants and usually helps gain empathy from the cisgender world. Sometimes we even ask our community for help in recovering.

One lowdown dirty thief doxxed

One scammer posted an image of a 2009 chimp attack victim on her fundraiser project. While not specifically indicating that the photo is of her, it’s safe to assume that’s what the intention was.

Scammer “Transgender”  “Ruby Dust”, wrote on crowd-source Rocket hub that her ‘real name’ is Ronald Harrison. Ronald is raising money for what Ronald says was a ‘homophobic attack.

Ronald Harrison photo Rocket Hub fundraising site

I am a transgender of 34 years old, my real name is Ronald Harrison.
A year ago I was brutally beaten and left for dead by a couple of homophobic men. I require special treatment since my face needs major reconstructive surgery”

The twitter account of webcam model ‘Misgendered’ uses the same profile picture. It’s not known who the profile picture belongs to.

Seeing a connection?

Good hearted people, please do not be taken in by this individual. Some have, but fortunately they have been warned before giving this charlatan money.

Many thanks to @teamlgbtbot on Twitter for alerting us to this scam. You can also follow LGBTbot on Facebook.



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