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São Paulo Trans March Demands Respect for Brazilian Community

São Paulo Trans March

More than 500 transgender and cis allies marched on City Hall demanding an end to Brazilian transgenrcide.

The first LGBT march in Sao Paulo Brazil did not attract many people. The following year, the number increased and continued increasing year by year until the event (which is held in May it’s the 20th edition) became one of the largest of its kind in the world.

The organizers of the 1st Walk for Peace, with the theme “I am Trans, I want Dignity and Respect” bet that the same will happen with this event, which brought together, according to them, more than 500 people in a march from Avenida Paulista to Câmara Municipal (City Hall), in downtown on Saturday (30).

“Next year, we will be here again, and we will be more,” said Renata Peron, president of Cais (Support and Social Inclusion Association Centre for Transvestites and transsexuals), organizer of the march. Until then, they hope that the São Paulo City Council had opened the doors to discuss policies aimed at this population, as required in the petition handed to Councillor Toninho Vespoli (PSOL).

“We want trans people working in the House. We want a trans councilor! ” were phrases that protesters chanted while the document was delivered to Vespoli.

“I want one of us in the house, yes,” said the drag queen Tchaka, pointing to the building of the House. “If it’s a house of the people, we have to be there too. I do not want to be only statistical. The dead girl who no one knows who you are. We have to occupy all the spaces and be respected. Those who do not respect us, must be criminalized. “

São Paulo Trans March

Minutes before the delivery of the document, some protesters lay on the street in front of the House. Next to lit candles, they symbolized trans people murdered as a result of homophobic attitudes, as recalled Bill, former candidate for Councillor by the PSOL and defender of LGBT rights. (Note: again there’s no mention of transphobia in the crimes against transgender people. Sadly even Brazilian transgender people talk like this, due to a total inexistence of education in transgender issues in the media, the academic world, and in the LGBT community.)

“As long as there is a transvestite or transsexual being killed, outside the labor market, schools or health services, I will be fighting for this cause,” promised Bill from the sound truck, passed by the lawyer Dimitri Sales, member of the Comissão da Diversidade Sexual da OAB de São Paulo (Committee on Sexual Diversity of the São Paulo OAB), former councilor Soninha Francine, Viviany Beleboni, the transsexual model that came out like Jesus Christ on the cross in the 19th Gay Parade, among many others who spoke during the march.

São Paulo Trans March“As this was the first march, I didn’t expect so many people,” said transsexual activist Amara Moira, 30, from Grupo Identidade, de Campinas (Campinas Identity Group). The best is that not only came trans people, but also cis [of cisgender]. If we fight alone, we will not have strength. We need the people on our side, support, understanding and respect so they stop killing us. “

Heterosexual, Lucia Helena Rodrigues, teacher, saw the march going down to Augusta and at first thought it was a Carnival event, since there were many partygoers finding their groups on the streets. “Once i identified that it was a manifestation of trans people I joined them. Of course I support the motion. It is an absurd the prejudice they suffer and i always taught my children to respect them, “said Lucia, carrying in his hand a small bag of groceries.

São Paulo Trans MarchFrom Ibrate (Instituto Brasileiro de Transmasculinidade – Brazilian Transmale Institute), Thomas Fernando, 21, considers the march important to draw attention to the small access of the trans population to basic services, such as health, education and work. “There are no laws to protect us, we can’t reach the SUS (Health services). It’s difficult for me, as a trans man, to schedule a gynecologist. Health professionals need to betrained to assist us. “

Lorenze Paz, 21, went shirtless, with breasts exposed. “I came like that because i fight for a non-binary society where sexuality is not defined by genitalia, nor breasts. Everyone is free to signal what it is, “said Lorenze, which defines itself as pansexual.

Source: Agência de Notícias da Aids Walk for Peace in São Paulo, requires dignity and respect for the trans population

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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