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São Paulo Activists Protest in Transphobic Lawmaker’s Restroom

Protest in Transphobic Lawmaker's Restroom
Transgender activists protested in Sao Paulo on the 11th in support of Erica Malunguinho

About ten trans activists occupied a ladies room at the legislature to protest a lawmaker who said in a speech he’d shoot any trans women who used the restroom at the same time as his wife and daughter.

Protest in Transphobic Lawmaker's Restroom
Fascist Douglas Garcia wearing a Bolsonaro Tee Shirt campaigning in the Americanopolis favela, São Paulo.

State Representative for PSL, Douglas Garcia, of the party of President Jair Bolsonaro, said during a speech in the ALESP plenary. “If a man who thinks that he is a woman enters the bathroom where my mother or my sister is, I’ll shoot the man,” the congressman said in the session on Wednesday.

Brazil mourned 185 murdered on the 2018 TDOR and annually has the most transgender murders of any country in the world.

Garcia’s remarks addressed  Érica Malunhuinho the first Afro-Brazilian transgender Legislator after she spoke in support of transgender athletes.

The participants also delivered a letter of repudiation to Douglas Garcia and in support of Erica Malunguinho and the offices of the House’s 94 deputies. The document was signed by more than 180 social movements, individuals and parliamentarians – most of the anti-racist camp and LGBTQIA +.

Jhoweny Orun de Miranda, a member of the Black Women’s March and the Transformation collective, made a positive evaluation of the whole movement. For her, the act fulfilled one of the objectives: to give solidarity to Erica Malunguinho.

“It is to strengthen the visibility of a non-Celsian person, a T person, who can be transvestite or transsexual, occupying a space, mainly political, that unfortunately is not put to us,” she said.

Érica Malunhuinho
Érica Malunhuinho

Demonstrators also occupied the plenary and witnessed the deployment of Erica Malunguinho, who reported the protest in the house. In an interview with Alma Preta, she spoke about the importance of protest.

“Beautiful to see more than 180 organizations and entities opposing, making a manifesto, a repudiation of violence, hate speech and violence by the deputy,” she said.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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