San Jose police department first to fly our Pride Flag

San Jose Police

San Jose’s police department became the first in the country to raise our Pride flag over their station Friday Morning. ABC 7 News was at police headquarters Friday morning for the ceremony to mark the beginning of the City’s three day Pride weekend.

San Jose’s police chief says it is not only to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community but his rank and file. He adds actions often speak louder than words.

“This is long overdue. You know flag represents what you stand for. And in many ways this simple act of flying this flag and celebrating showing pride for who you are and who you love, the simple act is just as important as all the efforts we’ve done,” said San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

The flag is going to fly for three days for San Jose’s pride weekend.

The parade will be held Sunday morning downtown.

It’s unknown if the St. Louis trans community would have kept the Grand Marshal honorarium and marched as planned if police had taken similar actions. Terry Willits, a resident of St. Louis wrote about those events on Planet Transgender and offered this.

“I’m not sure if it would have made a difference if the police had flown the Pride flag. The trans community here would have still wanted them to march without uniforms. The City of St. Louis put up both the Pride and Trans flags during part of Pride Month. I believe the only way it would make an impact on the community is if this were an ongoing gesture.”

When asked what he meant by an ongoing gesture Terry responded “They should fly the rainbow flag all the time. Just a few days during Pride isn’t enough.”

A lot of terrible things were done to minorities in St Louis by law enforcement. But according to Terry, there are good things in the works for the near future. Terry Willits has since founded Trans on twitter as @speak_mag a new and exciting voice for trans people by trans people.

A number of municipalities have flown the pride flag but last June Califonia made history by flying it over their state capitol.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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