San Francisco transgender woman who was stabbed shocked that the police don’t think it was a hate crime

san fran stabbing

This police photo is from 2007 when Joynes was wanted for a stabbing in Akron, Ohio.

Rae Raucci wonders if the police dropped the hate crime enhancements because she’s transgender.

Brodes Wayne Joynes, 54, of San Francisco was identified as the suspect in the stabbing, police Sgt. Monica Macdonald said.

According to the SF Examiner Joynes was booked into County Jail on two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of criminal threats, a hate crime enhancement and an outstanding warrant, Macdonald said.

Rae Raucci has leaned since that there were no hate crime enhancements, According to the ABC 7 San Francisco police say it won’t pursue hate crime charges because it doesn’t meet the criteria. Hulsey and Raucci don’t know why.

“I’d hate to think they’re downplaying this as a hate crime because we’re transgender and they don’t understand that,” Raucci said.

The couple plans to make an appeal to the district attorney’s office which has yet to review the case.

Rae Raucci recounts the on Facebook:

Today my lovely young friend Samantha was stabbed twice in the upper chest on a SF MUNI bus as we were both heading home down Van Ness Avenue. We were both on the bus together when a man across the way accused us both of defrauding him by pretending to be female. At one point he asked Samantha “do you look female?”, for example, and repeatedly called us “faggots”. He continued to harass us, and when the bus stopped to get help he pulled out a knife after we got up to leave and followed us out of the bus doors and stabbed Samantha once. She got a second stab wound trying to get between me and the maniac. Ten stitches at the ER… and we’re both pretty rattled…

*update. Rae Raucci wrote on Facebook hate crime enhancements have been included, but it remains unclear due to the timing of the posts which is the case.

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