Detective reads Dads statement about daughter Sage Smith: police don’t care

Erik Mcfadden Sage Smith

Sage Smith(L)                                                       Erik Mcfadden(R)

Every couple of years the mainstream news reminds of the unsolved 2012 murder of transgender teen Sage Smith. And every couple of years we are enraged that Erik Tyquan McFadden, the person of interest, remains free.

This year the lead investigator read her father’s statement saying the department doesn’t care because she was black and transgender.

Smith was last seen on Tuesday, November 20th. Smith had phone contact with Erik Tyquan McFadden on that day and then told friends she was going to meet someone on West Main Street. She was seen a short time later in the 500 block of West Main Street.

Smith has not been seen or heard from since. Erik McFadden, who at the time was living on 14th Street NW, confirmed to investigators that he did have phone contact with Smith and planned to meet her on Tuesday near the Amtrak Station on West Main Street.

McFadden, while in police custody stated that the meeting never took place. He was later released, Police at that time named him a person of interest but said that they had reason to believe that McFadden had left the area.

McFadden said in a text to a friend that he did meet with Sage Smith. But Police dropped McFadden in 2017 as a person of interest based on text records from his phone.

Erik McFadden last seen seven years ago was just  declared by the police as missing and again a person of interest.

What has actually changed to make the police suspect Macfadden again?

And now police now say they believe that McFadden is in the area.

Is this all just smoke and mirrors to placate relatives and an increasingly vocal public?

The police investigation was publicly condemned in a statement written by the father and read by the lead detective.

“I believe that there wasn’t any equality in the investigation due to these facts.”
“One, my child is black.”
“Two, my child is transgender.”


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