Russian Trans and cisgender woman marry legally


    Breaking the rules

    Trans woman Irina Shumilova, (R) hasn’t been able to amend her legal documents so when she married Alyona Fursova (L) they broke no laws. They did however set the author of the ‘gay propaganda’ law head spinning.
    The couple has used this fact to officially register their relationship, because under the Family Code of Russia marriage is “a voluntary consent of a man and a woman.” reports Putin’s spammy propagandist media dog RT.

    Russian wedding 1

    Easy now Milonov don’t have a stroke.

    “I understood their [registry office workers’] unconvincing arguments; they formally approached the issue and saw passports, but not people. I told the head [of the wedding registry office] that it is criminal negligence,” he told NTV channel.

    Milonov said he is going to get prosecutors involved to try to avoid such “ugly insults to millions of Russian families in the future.”

    Can Russian transgender people change their legal documents and if so what is required?

    A brilliant article by Yana Sitnikova, a Russian transfeminist activist from Moscow says this and a lot more:

    Russian lawyer Kseniya Kirichenko analyzed the practice of changing gender marker in different regions of Russia. Kseniya sent inquiries to 83 regional Civil Registries about the requirements they set for changing gender marker [1]. Sixty of them responded. Their answers fall into five categories: 1) no concrete information, 2) surgery is required, 3) court decision is required, 4) individual decision of the Registry or medical examination, 5) any document issued by a medical organization is sufficient, it shall mention the diagnosis “Transsexualism” but no surgery is required.


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