Russian Cop Confesses to Killing his Transgender ex-Girl Friend

Viktoria Basakovskaya
Viktoria Basakovskaya
Viktoria Basakovskaya

A Russian policeman suspected of murder has confessed to brutally murdering his ex-girlfriend 24-year-old Viktoria Basakovskaya in a fit of jealousy. He then spent the next weeks covering up in his official capacity making concerted efforts to mislead investigators.

The officer identified as Denis K., announced her disappearance on October 5, then helped with the investigation until his accomplices were implicated eventually pointing a finger, so to speak, at officer Dennis K.

Her body was found on October 13, 700 meters from the village of Burmistrovo, Iskitimsky District, Novosibirsk Region with her index fingers missing.

Denis K. is accused of strangling her, then chopping her finger off so he could use the fingerprint to unlock her phone. He then sent messages to her roommate hoping to give the appearance that she was still alive.

Denis K. personally put up posters asking for leads using her dead name to identify her, as she hadn’t changed her name on her passport.

Denis K stole a bright star from our skies and deserves to pay with his life as prescribed by law.

“In Novosibirsk, a police officer brutally killed the heroine of our last year’s video, a transgender girl Victoria Basakovskaya,” ROMB a video site from Novosibirsk wrote on FaceBook. “ROMB editorial office expresses condolences to Victoria’s family and friends.”

In the video, Victoria mused about how self-awareness did not come to her right away, but the real problems after that only began. How to get a job if you look like a woman and according to your passport you are a man? How to change the biological sex if drugs and doctor’s consultations are too expensive? And how to counter the aggression that transgender people face every day?

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Her friend Alina lived with Viktoria and talked with a reporter from about the abusive relationship she was in.

“He is a mentally ill person, I don’t know how he got a job with the police,” Alina wonders. :The relationship between Vicki and Denis was not very good. She constantly cried to me, complained, called me. There was a case when Vika was cooking apples in caramel, and hot caramel hit her finger, but instead of calming her down, Denis began to swear. According to Vicki, he sometimes beat to such a state that she lost consciousness, after she came to herself under the covers on the bed, and he stood over her and roared.”

“He killed her early in the morning, and messages allegedly from Vicki came to me in the afternoon,” says Alina, a friend of the murdered woman. – He just cut off her finger and with that finger unlocked her phone to send a message.”

Denis himself wrote a statement about the disappearance of Victoria and actively helped to find the girl. He even found an address, to which Victoria allegedly left her apartment for days before.

“I went there with Denis’s sister to look for Vika,” Alina continues. – We arrived, and there is generally not the same area. Vika filmed the video before disappearing. I suspected that something was wrong, and began to listen to what Denis was saying. And by that time he was already completely confused in the testimony.

Later, Alina told the investigators about the strangeness in Denis’s behavior, on the same evening he was summoned for interrogation. And just a few hours later, on the night of October 13, the policeman confessed to the murder and showed where he hid Victoria’s body – at a precinct 700 meters from the village of Burmistrovo.

Before he was summoned for interrogation, he tried to lure me out into the street at night, under the pretext of a walk, – Alina is horrified. “I suppose that if I had gone somewhere with him, he would have killed me too. For digging up this case.


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Russian cop confesses to strangling transgender ex-girlfriend, after reporting her missing and helping to lead official search

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